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Thu Feb 12, 2015, 12:57 PM

Art Commission Prices + Info:

Read carefully all the information bellow and please, pleaseeeee don't note/email me if you're not gonna request it! ;_;


Paypal (CAD)
-Payments via Paypal ONLY. I won´t draw until I receive the payment. Payment should be sent in CAD.
-Please,notify me with a note or an email when you send the payment.



Digital, Cell/ anime style - $35.00
size: actual size .png | bg: transparent  
Complex Design or Pets/weapons/props: $7.00+ possible additional fees
Additional Character:  base price x # of characters (maximum of 3 characters in one illustration)


(no colour) Digital, anime style
Fullbody- $40 + possible additional fees (+$30 for add character)

Halfbody- $30 + possible additional fees (+$25 for add character)

size: 300dpi jpeg or png | background: white/solid color
 + $10 - $15 for detailed or cluttered design.
(examples coming soon)

Regular Color:

Digital, Cell/ anime style
Regular colour   -- or
“Manga” style - Black/White + highlighting on only particular colours + little shading. (dunno what else to call it ;p — see examples)

Fullbody- $65 + possible additional fees (+$55 for add character)

Halfbody- $50 + possible additional fees (+$40 for add character)

Headshot - $35

size: 300dpi jpeg or png | background: white/solid color
    •    Complex Design or Pets/weapons/props: $10.00+ possible additional fees
    •    $20.00+ for detailed background. 
(full body and half body examples on character sheets below)
Avi's outfits by biancaloran Zevryx Skye - Character Sheet by biancaloran Rhaine Shadows - Character Sheet by biancaloran General Braak - Character Sheet by biancaloran Spixx - Character Sheet by biancaloran ClockworkKat - Rin Steamgirl by biancaloran  Mousequerade by biancaloran  Frosted Goddess by biancaloran  Everwake Character Lineup by biancaloran  Steampunk Girl by biancaloran 

Headshot Examples: 
(head shots + "Manga" style coloring below)

Headshots - Main Charas by biancaloran Headshots - Page 2 by biancaloran


Terms and Services (PLEASE READ):

    •    DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks and/or use it for commercial usage. If it will be used for profit (ex. merchandise) you may purchase the license from me.
    •    I (the artist) has the right to sell the finished commissions as part of my portfolio. Commissioner still owns the copyright to the characters and will be mentioned as the owner of the character.
    •    Give references and details when you request. Preferably graphic/picture references than textual.
    •    NO refunds unless there is an acceptable reason for it.
    •    I will state an approximate completion date, if you insist on it being rushed (earlier than the completion date), there will be a rush fee.
    •    Commissioning me means you agree to the terms and services mentioned.
    •    If you want the commission piece in larger print format (larger than A4) please say so.
    •    CHANGES AND CORRECTIONS: I can do two corrections, starting from the first sketch. *   
    •    *I only do artwork that allows for my own creativity to flow. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me to do your artwork—be flexible and open to the outcome—this is why you are commissioning me in the first place, because you like my style. ;) This is also why you will be sent a sketch before the final is produced.

    •    * I have the right to refuse your commission if I think I am unable to successfully do it.
    •    * After you have fully paid, I will start on your commission and send you an approval sketch;
    •    *DO NOT note me to reserve a slot, only if you are able to request it at the moment;


■ step 1 - Read and understand everything above, specially the rules.

■ step 2 - Fill up the order form below with the title: "Regular Commissions"

Style: Chibi, Sketch, or Regular
Type: Fullbody or half body (for regular only)
Colouring Type: Regular or “manga”
Paypal name & email:
Number of characters:
Character name/s:
Character details:
Short description of your characters:
Scene/ background suggestion:

■ step 3 - send order form (above) to me through DA notes or e-mail me at        

■ step 4 - I will respond to your mail/note within (5 days) or decline your request and will ask you to pay
via paypal.
DO NOT pay until I confirm your commission.

■ step 5 - while I am doing the commission I will send you w.i.p.s(work in progress) to update you and
make revisions if you are unsatisfied.

■ step 6 - And will attach the finish image in a mail or I will send you the finished commission through DA notes.

I don't log on Deviantart everyday so it might take me 24~72 hours to answer your note! Thank you!


Everwake Update!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 12:06 PM
I so love and appreciate all the questions and comments regarding the release of Everwake! Makes me smile from ear to ear! 
So, update...


Book I has all been written up in almost releasable copies; still have to do some editing, but that will come as I start releasing
the chapters. 

Why have I not released Chapters yet?
Because I wanted my artwork to be at a level I felt confident releasing the Chapter Artwork.
I also wanted to finish up all the Character Sheets involved in Book I.
Aside from a few reworking of old Character Sheets, I'm almost done all of that now! (Hooray!!)

So when will Chapter One be Released?
Not a good enough answer?
I hate giving dates because I rarely hold up to them and then I don't like disappointing people...
My hope/goal is to release the Prologue + Chapter One by the end of this month or mid next (end of March-Mid April)

Again, thank you for all the interest and support! Please spread the word :) 
And be sure to keep stopping by/watch the page, like the Facebook page or tumblr page so you don't miss any releases 



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Blog + Facebook Page

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 12:49 PM

Since I'm getting fully into the swing of things ... production of my book "Everwake"... I decided to create a Facebook FanPage and a Tumblr Art Blog (where you can see more WIPs and sneak peaks ^_^) ...

I also started a Blog, so you can check it out for updates, subscribe and get updates to you inbox, and never miss any new artwork, chapters, or news regarding Everwake. 

I hope to have people as excited over this as I am! ^_^


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I have my cintiq and I am really excited about it! Finally will be pumping out more artwork! ^_^ 
That is all! 
har har
I am so excited to be writing out the first book!!! I already have a few chapters written out in almost the releasable copies. I will have the first chapter on here very soon and in the meantime will be pumping out a ton of artwork. 
I'm trying to save up money for my cintiq right now as I feel limited by the capacities of my computer at the moment. Still, having fun and loving bringing these original characters to life. 
Stay tuned for more! :)